Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless wednesday I come again ! :)

.....Well Wednesday is here .....that means Friday ain't far :)
Since today is my wordless wednesday , I'm not suppose to be doing too much talking.(I am trying hard !! :) . It's a little difficult endeavour . But nevertheless , sharing with you all a few pics shot by me ...

The towering Rockies by the yellowstone river.Shot on our way to the Yellowstone National Park.

                                                   Emerald colored basin , A geologist's haven

                                        The Old Faithful geyser ,Yellowstone National park , USA

Those above shots are the work of nature, This painting is my handiwork :)

                                                As you can see I painted them way back in 2009.
Watch this space tomorrow , as I'm going to show you some cute stuffs !!:)


Sayantani said...

ki sundor chhobi anko inspied byt your paintings.

Sarmistha said...

Thank you Sayantani , tomar note pore khub bhalo laglo:)

rama said...

First picture, Khub bhalo laglo, and your paintings athi shundhor. How is my Bengali, been years?
I really liked the pictures and your paintings. Thanks for spending so much time on my blogs and also for your thoughtful comments.
We write blogs for ourselves, but when we are able to relate to like minded people it is more satisfying. Thanks a lot.

Patricia Torres said...

*sigh*.. so so gorgeous.. Im going to leave a wordless comment.. *wink*