Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick little guys..My entry for sandwich Mela

Hi there!!
Made these little sandwiches in the morning for a quick grab on the go before heading off for our  weekend vacation .They were easy to eat  while driving and was quite filling.Some dorritos or potato chips and a can of chilled soda and we were good to go till we hit the nearest eatery for lunch.

Here is how I made them.
Small sized rolls
Turkey/chicken deli slices.(If you cannot avail Deli slices , You can always use boiled and shreded chicken pcs seasoned with some salt , pepper and any italian seasoning choice of your like), lettuce, tomato cut in round shape,mayonese,mustard sauce, cucumber pickes...One can improvise what goes inside these little guys.Just assemble them and insert a toothpick so that everything stays in place.
It was easy , peasy ,lemon squeezy :)

I am linking this post to cooking4allseasons sandwich mela.


rama said...

Looks good and easy to make. However mine would be vegetarian. Have a great day!
Where did you go?

Patricia Torres said...

Oh lovely... seems easy and quick to make... Nice photograph too.. :-)

Srivalli said...

Looks great..thanks for the lovely entry.