Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weekend of Sun , Surf and National Geography...

Hello friends :) how was your weekend?I had a memorable one myself.
Summer vacation has officially started(School got over friday).So, we went for a quick vacation to the Delaware Bay over the weekend.

 to see the prehistoric ATLANTIC HORSE SHOE CRAB
The Horse shoe crab is an ancient species.Their ancestor were probably thr trilobite(400 million years).These ancient species predates the dinosaurs and birds.They have been inhabitating our oceans for nearly 350 million years !! Their blue blood is used for medicinal purpose and and is vital during human surgery.

That is me and my daughter behind me trying to put the Horse she crab in the water.They are completely harmless.

My daughter, being chased by the surf :)
                 A view of another light house from Henlopen Beach , Delaware.

And finally no trip is ever complete without bringing home a memorabilia or two , right :}
I bought these pretty little rose sugar and milk ceramic container from an antique placeUnfortunately , could not find any matching tea cups.Hence on that would mean My search for rose themed tea cup is officially on...:)

....and some more stuffs for my home..
I love sunflowers and roses.The bright sunny yellow color of a sunflower fascinates me as much as the mystery of roses...
So far a great weekend! I love my new rosy tea series , sunflower plate and a lovely little candle holder.The National geographic kinda knowledge , sun and  surf , the breezy ferry ride  and then the drive back home . So , yes It was both informative and and lotta fun :)
I am linking my weekend adventure at Patty's weekend wrap up
Thanks a bunch for coming over today.I love when you visit my space and would enjoy it immensely if you left me a note :)
                                        Hugs and cheers
                                          Sarmistha :)


rama said...

Beautiful pictures. Love your ceramic containers, and the sunflower plate too. Have a good day.

Patricia Torres said...

really?? are they harmless?? You are brave.. I wouldnt carry them.. My younger one.. would.. though!!

These pics are gorgeous.. You guys sure had a fabulous time..