Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pebble art...from the shores of the Atlantic to my home

Last weekend on my visit to the Delaware Bay , I collected some pebbles from the shores of the Atlantic.
The varied colors, perfectly smooth surface and fascinating shapes weathered by the crashing ocean over unaccountable years were a delight to collect.
My feet dipped in the water braving the surfs (some were huge!!) I randomly collected and stuffed them into the pockets of my pant until it could hold no more :) It was so much fun .I felt like a child again:)
Coming back home , I was bursting with ideas to play around with the pebbles.Painting on them was one of them
They can be used as paper weight.Creativity and its applicability has no boundaries , right?:)

They can be put at the side table/coffee table.Always a joy to watch these cute little guys.

I am trying to upload the pic of Mrs.X in the correct way, but she refuses to stand straight .My dilemma !!

 I'm loving my new friends!
Do you like them?Let me know what you think when you see them.?:)
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You all have a nice weekend.


rama said...

They are all very beautiful. What paint did you use?
I want to try it out too.
You too have a nice weekend.

Sarmistha said...

@Rama, I've used basic acrylic.Yes pls try them .They will look beautiful in your lovely garden.

Disha said...

Very nice!! specially one with sunset is very b'ful.

Sayantani said...


Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said...

These are gorgeous! I'm so glad you tried these...the last pictures looks awesome.

Tanvi said...

How beautiful!!! Love the colors.

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MindfulMeanderer said...

Welcome on board :)
Welcome to the artsy-craftsy family.
Lovely entries..

? said...

Loved the face!

Patricia Torres said...

oh lovely!! they are so so gorgeous.. Loved the idea.. On my list of Holiday craft.. with the girls.. :-)