Saturday, June 25, 2011

Decoupage Coffee mug latest DIY .

I was toying with the idea of making my own coffee table coasters for sometime now.
Decoupaging is a versatile craft idea.One of the most popular one I guess, is decoupaged table top coasters.It not only is easy but can be made with just a fraction of cost.
Just an initial investment of a couple of things from the craft store and one can make a bunch of colorful coffee mug coasters to go with your living room decor and theme.One can keep changing them according to different seasons and festivities.All we require to make new ones are some theme inspired pieces of paper.
Here is how I made my coffee coasters.little bit of patience and I was done:)


*small square pieces of tiles(home depot or any tile shop)
*Sponge brush , scissors
*colored papers or designed paper napkins of your choice.
* Mod podge
*A piece of felt or thin cork board.


cut the paper to fit the size and shape of the tile.make sure to cut the paper itsy bit smaller than the tile(lesson learned for me).That way the edges do not get torn during usage.
Apply a coat of mod podge on the tile and slowly and carefully place the cut paper on top of the tile smoothing it out all the while.

Next apply a coat of mod podge on top of the paper.let it dry.Reapply several layers of mod podge , drying in between each coat.(here is where all your patience is required)
I used 3 layers of mod podge myself.I think that is more than enough.Let everything dry real well for 2-3 hrs.
Next step is to cut the felt or cork in square shape and attach it to the bottom of the tile
with glue.This , as you know prevents the coaster from scratching your precious table top.
Let everything dry real well before you put your hot stuffs on them!!
I have stencilled a gold design on the pumpkin pie colored paper.
 and dried  it well before applying mod podge on it.

Pumpkin pie , paisley , lotus candle and something good to sip...:)

Did you notice my new candle votive.Peacock colored !!Paisley,Peacock and my favorite theme...:)

These home made coasters can form a nice gift item for our dear friends.They have so much personal touch in them :)

I am so happy with the end result.My first ever decoupage project :)
Did you like it? :) I'm lovin' it.
Pls let me know what you think.Your thoughts and comment inspire me all the more to try such new stuffs..
And thank you a ton for visiting me today.I enjoy immensely when you drop by.Makes my day :)
Love you all
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Richa said...

Oh those are a beauty. Ur very creative.

rama said...

Very very pretty. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sayantani said...

beautiful work of art. any idea if mod podge is available in India?

Now Serving said...

Happy I blog-hopped to your site - you seem extremely creative - love the paisley coasters you are making! I have that lotus lamp from Pier 1 too :)
And, you are a neighbor (as in Virginia and MD :)
Look forward to your other creations! cheers, priya

Sarmistha said...

Thank you all my dear dear friends for your appreciations :)
@Sayantani , I think you can find mod podge in Hobby ideas outlets or some craft supply stores.If you have staples in kokata , you may find it there.If not , try using fevicol.And then use a varnish or a sealant at the end.Try this on just one tile and see if it works.If using Fevicol , use athin layer first.Let me know if it works.

@Priya, yes we are state neighbours :)Thanks for dropping by.
I enjoy each of yoour visits , my friends :)

Rev said...


You have an interesting space.

Like it!


Sayantani said...

thanks Sarmistha. thats a real beautiful idea. will check t hindusthan mart, my all time fav. craft supply area.

Disha said...

Oh so lovely!!!! Loved the way u clicked them.
All coasters r looking lovely....very creative.

Grammy Goodwill said...

They look great. You've reminded me that I bought a bunch of those tiles at the reStore and haven't done anything with them. Put that on my list of things to do this summer.

Emreen said...

Very beautiful... I loved the design and colors that you have chosen to put on top of the tiles...!!
Oh, This reminds me of the ModPodge that I have sitting idle at my home for a very long time... !!!

Great work...!!

Have a great week ahead !

Woodooz said...

I have always wanted to do decoupage on the lil coffee tables that I have made in the past... For some reason i cud never bring myself to do it... This is a neat project... Loved the choice of colors used on the coasters ! It is such a wonderful craft and u sure have made good use of it !

nayana said...

Great work and nice tutorial.color combo is very are very creative.

Sarmistha said...

Thankyou all :)
Emreen :use that mod podge lying idle.Looking forward to see your coaster DIY :)
Nayana:Thankyou :)

radn@HouseonAshwelllane said...

Homemade gifts are so special! lovey coasters!

Patricia Torres said...

super impressive!! I'm going to make these.. just in time for Christmas.. What a fabulous idea.. to give away as gifts..

notyet100 said...

Wow thanks for the tutorial

How to Make DIY said...

Make My Own Coffee Mug Info - How to Make DIY

sharkara@sensitivecreations said...

Very Very Beautiful Sarmistha :)

Thendral said...

Very cute!

Reshma. said...

Loved your creativity. Thanks for sharing it. Will try it myself now :)

Bhawana said...

by any chance if they fell down thay will break right??, as they r tiles??? pls correct me if m wrong.

Anonymous said...

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