Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello my lovely friends :)

How are you my dear , dear friends.Just popping in to say I appreciate all your thoughts and immensely love it when you visit me :)
I look forward eagerly to your visit .Thankyou for all your time.

A sneak peek
My first ever warli art.I am motivated and inspired a lot by all the warli art I saw in various blogs here.
will come back with the finished work in a couple of days.
Till then keep coming and be my friend :)


Sayantani said...

protthom chobitar compositionta asadharon. cant wait to see the warli diy

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sarmistha
Kemon achho? Khub bhalo laglo tomar creation dekhe...Sara jeevan engineering kor-e oil and Gas ghete ghete artistic things mathae dhokena...kintu dekhe-khub anaondo hoe...
bhalo theko tomra sabai

Disha said...

Like like like.........first picture is just mind blowing. Great click Sarmistha!!

Sarmistha said...

Thanks a ton all of you.Makes my day to see the notes you have left back for me :)

Sumana @ Colors in my mind.. said...

I am with all the others, the first one is mind blowing.Diy coming up ? :)
I am glad to find your blog.

rama said...

It is an art one can get addicted to very soon. Will come back to see the finished work.

Patricia Torres said...

the first pic is just gorgeous.. with the peacock feather!!

And... I like your warli.. its amazing.. I haven't touched a paint brush in a long long time.. Life seems to be on a silly roller coaster ride.. The summer months... which are normally quiet.. seems to be looking packed as well.. :-( Sadly..