Thursday, November 10, 2011

An effort completed :)

Hello My dear dear friends ! how  are you all today. Another friday is here and I am so looking forward to the India International Trade Fair starting this 19th :)The best part about it is the theme is going to be Indian handicrafts !! So stay tuned for some pictures here later this month end :)The month of November has some more excitement and adventures in store for me.There is the new TINTIN movie to catch up and toward the end is a short trip to Madurai , Rameshwaram , Thekkady and Kanya kumari :).So some picture sharing month on the loots I gather from all these trips and fairs :))
Lets see what I got for you all my sweet sweet  Blogdost today....
A painting I completed.Could not wait to share with you all !!
Sketch befor the colors...

So , your esteemed opinion please :))
Catch up with you all soon with a post on ' My favourite things' for submitting and participating at Colors Dekor , this month's theme.


Nayana said... looks beautiful. I am glad you are getting a time to paint..its more than 2 and half year since I picked up brush..have a wonderful trip..I have been to thekkady and its so beautiful.

Rachana Saurabh said...

Wow, S, this is really good..!! Love those colors..

Sayantani said...

beautiful paiting. love the use of those vibrant colours.
btw thanks for remembering me Sahrmistha. homefront e ektu chaap cholche. hope to be back soon.

rama said...

Lovely use of colors, very good painting. Enjoy your trip down south.

Nisha said...

amazing work sarmistha...awaiting eagerly and excitement 4r me s ur trip photos...yes my native s kanyakumari, dnt miss padmanabhapuram palace,vattakottai see the palace pics n my blog

Sarmistha said...

Thankyou all a lot:)
Nisha Thanks for the info.I have left a msg at your post on Padmanabhapuram post:)

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