Monday, September 5, 2011

I am back !! :)

My dear dear blogdost , did you all miss me?I know , I did... a lot.Remember I had mentioned in my previous post exactly a month ago (wow a whole month I had  vanished !!) about me moving home...yep not only did I just move home but  boxed , packed and travelled a flight distance of 7881 miles all the way to India !!I am in my home in Delhi. Overcoming a hurdle one day at time :)The first was access to dear Internet.After a long wait I have my wifi installed and I can atleast blog now and see what you my dear blogdost doing,how y'll decorating your home {I might steal some ideas from you...dont't y'll worry I will duly mention and send you a loving note too :-) }
Please bear with me and my rambling about my life in India .Its been almost 12 years of stay in the US...Not a single day goes by when things don't work and I don't contemplate about going back...So don't be surprised if one fine day you see me visiting your blog all the way back from US :-)I'll take you along with me with a dose of humour so that you don't get bored and start running away as soon as you see me here:).
For starter I thought what best way to get reconnected with everyone than bringing you some images of Ganeshji from my home.And then more pics of my home will flow in...stay tuned as they say :)
My favourite painting by me.I love the cuteness of this musical duo.

                    I bought him from the gift shop in Delhi airport about a year back.
This little shop have some beautiful painted pots and knick knacks.Don't forget to check it out if you are passing through Delhi domestic airport.Its tugged in a corner.
                                        Brass Ganesha lamp where I've put some fresh flower.
Hope you are happy to see me now :)Pop by and leave me your thoughts.I am missing you all a lot.
Will be back tomorrow again.
Finally am happy to join the linky part at Patricia's colors decor after a long time.


Sayantani said...

You have come back to India???thats a great news...welcome back dear and we dearly missed you.
the paintings are very neat.

Nayana said...

wow..back to India. I thought you were just visitng.I know, it will be a huge adjustment but I guess worth it, u will get to stay in India...I love your paintings specially one in left side....can't wait to see more pics of your home.

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Welcome home! It will take some time to get adjusted, but at the end you will LOVE it. Am I wrong??

Take care.

rama said...

I thought you said you were looking for a new place closer to your daughter's school in the US, and after that you were going for a holiday to India. I never thought you were referring to shifting to India for good.
Which area have you settled in Delhi?
Have you found a good place?
Certain things are so easy getting it done in the US, but, I think you would have to get used to our ways sooner or later, and after the initial struggle things would be alright.

Ambika said...

Great that you've moved to India. I liike the Ganesha paintings of yours!

Neha@ All things beautiful said...'ve moved back to India..How very exciting! Do share all your experiences...would love to hear.
Lovely paintings!

Sarmistha said...

Thank you all for welcoming me.yes it is difficult.everybody from painter to jamadar is looting us.seems like it is written on our face !!Being in America for so long I am used to doing things at my convenience without much sweat , but here I have to depend on someone or the other for everything and according to their terms frustrating.The maid has gone off already :)she saw this madam is self dependent and half her work is done before she even comes in the morning,so "chutti karo".I am working like a hog!!but strangely enough my daughter is enjoying her school and life here a lot.oops sorry for lamenting , but feels good to talk it out. The good thing is we get to eat a lot of cool stuff which were a big deal to avail in US.anyway more happy and not so happy things to come again....
Thank you again for not forgetting me :)

notyet100 said...

Glad to see ur post ) I know how it feels :)

Rachana Saurabh said...

Hi Sarmistha..
So good to see you...
Have you seen my Ganesha, I did almost same in my learning time..

Patricia Torres said...

Welcome back!! WElcome back!! we've been waiting.. Totally love that little Ganesha sitting on the dhol.. So cute!!

Hey.. In my heart.. Im happy you are in India.. I can drop in now.. :-)

Sarmistha said...

Rachna sweety ,Yes I had seenn our Ganesha before.These too were done around 4 yrs back.Are they not cute.If you njotice one of the glass frames are broken and the paint too has chipped off !!
Patty darling you are most welcome.I'll wait for the esteemed visit:)

Nisha said...

love ths pretty ganesha wit ur comeback sarmisthaa