Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dog days of summer.....

What floods the  mind of a child and an adult alike when we think of summer.....Popsicles , a bowl of seasonal fruits topped with some more frozen treats , cheeries-berries  and whatever our heart desires to ward off the heat..:)

While popping some popsicles and cherries ...I painted this madhubani tree :)
I had acquired the idea from somewhere in the net and added a bit of my own imagination

My fingers and eyes both hurt after completing it,Too much work !! :)

I salute all those artists who paint some of the incredible paintings for us to admire.
                   Our artisans from India , especially our tribal India ..the beautiful, vibrant
                    handiworks they create ....much hardwork and dedication goes toward each of them.
                                                        Lets stay cool and creative!! :-)
                                                       Hugs to all my lovely friends.

{All Pics are shot by me in my home}


Sayantani said...

oh my God!what a beautiful painting. you did a great the popsickles.

Richa said...

oh wow.. nicey!

radn@HouseonAshwelllane said...

Love the Madhubani painting! I have to do the popsicles. My daughter has been asking me to make some ever since summer started. Just something that has remained on the to-do list!

Also thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to write the lovely comment!

Now following you!

woodooz said...

Beautiful painting...I also love the frame used for the painting. Very colorful !

notyet100 said...


Hari Chandana said...

Woww.. First time here.. You have a nice space here.. happy to follow your blog :)
Indian Cuisine

Ambika said...

I know! The intricate paintings that rural artists make, truly inspiring magic fingers!
And candies in summer, sluuurp :P

Nisha said...

wonderful work sarmistha..ur work cameout very well..

Calindgirl said...

lovely painting. You are very talented.

Vasudha S said...

very nicely done painting..