Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello Monday

Hello Monday...a new day , a new week. Gearing up for a long weekend ahead.
Planning for a vacation is in full swing as bags to pack, essentials to carry...a hat
being in the priority list ::))
Saw some beautiful pics by Patricia , warm colors and many more beauties by all my blogger friends.So far a good start for the week ahead.

A wooden pen holder...painted and stenciled.A lazy afternoon project:)
Wishing you all a beautiful day and an awesome week:)


Ambika said...

You painted it right? Very nice and bright!!

Patricia Torres said...

very pretty pen holder.. thank you for the mention.. super happy.. that you liked the pic :-)

Oh.. Im planning vacation as well.. Just doesnt seem to be happening this year!!

Sarmistha said...

Thankyou Patty , Thankyou ambika