Friday, May 20, 2011

A home tour.....of my MIL

Hello friends !! I begin this post with a little excitement.This is my first ever home tour.I had opportunity to tour and see such beautiful homes through all my blogger friends .So here is my first one.
This is my MIL's home in Delhi.When I told her about my blogging experience and the absolute fun and addiction associated with it , she wanted to have a feel of it too.That's when I asked her to send me a few corners of her home to share with you all.You will see her amazing DIY , her own art work and her dedication to do something new with her home everyday..making it a surprise for us to see on our visits back  home :)
Come on in.....

A nice flower arrangement and red wall. she sure knows how to play and  experiment with colors.

This is art work on glass done by her.

A green corner of her home...
She made this one too.The bright orange color on this wall is like a kiss of sunlight..

Yes, the lamp shade too:)I bought this pretty terracotta flower vase  from delhi haat as a gift to her.She turned it into a lovely lampshade.Great DIY :) isn't it? I will surely and gladly be taking some tutorial from her for this one for sure*wink*  :))   
Hope you enjoyed .Let me know , I'll pass the msg to her.
love and hugs:)        

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Patricia Torres said...

this is a simply gorgeous... gorgeous home!!