Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY....Upholstered Coffee table

Hello sweets..How are you all? Its a customary etiquette to ask but I know I was not much far away from any of you thanks to our face book friendship.We were updated and enjoyed each others creative blooms all the while. even though I went MIA in my blog for almost what year now !!! gosh !! that long an hibernation!!! even the Bears in the wild don't hibernate in their caves for that long a period...:-)...well in a way I hunted for my creative hunger a bit too..but all the way in New Zealand. There were too many outdoor adventures there to distract one from spending and exploring the creative side and also its expensive to indulge in too many home decor hobbies.
So boy I was glad to be back in the US of A with so many affordable and cool stores to support your imagination...and budget friendly too.
Right now I am on a DIY spree :)) Too many ideas dancing around in my head.I've got to give them an outlet...:))
My first in line is a DIY Upholstered coffee table. These things when bought off the stores are $200 plus. BUT ...I want one the good homemaker "me" did not want to shock the husband and the credit card on a 'coffee table'...  so a few random clicking on the www I went to home depot and Joann fabric store to get my 'UPHOLSTERED COFFEE TABLE' rolling..
Sharing with you all the process through some photos I took while in action(no photos of me though :))
 Yep...this is the one:) They have tons of cool fabric to choose from.I decided on this as it had an ethnic vibe to it.
 At home depot or any hardware store got a piece of plywood and a pole of wood cut in the desired shape and size...the lumber guy was super helpful.Screwed them and my table was ready.In fact if you have a old small table/bench anything lying around in the house it can me made use of and given a fresh coat of table was less than $15.
                                Painted the legs...
the materials required can be seen in this photo.fabric,wood glue or favicol,thick foam(I used 2inches), batting,Staple gun .The only thing that added to the cost was the foam.They are pricey,but with a coupon I was able to cut down on the cost.You see ....keeping the cost minimal is the essence of any DIY plus of course the fun..

                                   Glue the foam on the table top.
next put the batting and the fabric by turning the table upside down...that way it is easier to fold the fabric and give it a firm and smooth finish.One can google ...there are many helpful tutorials out there.

  and look new very own homemade coffee table upholstered to my taste :-)

 Put your feet up a lovely tray(that should be another project lined up) ...change the cover with the what you want without breaking the bank. !!!!:)

                               Serves as a nice ottoman too...

Feels good to be back blogging....Do drop in and stay as long as you want,Share with me your ideas ...chit chat...I love to do that :-)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mmmm ...Fall is here !! :)

Fall is such a beautiful season!! Crisp air , blue sky shaded below with hues of orange , red and yellow ,,
loads of piled up pumpkins along the roadside garden centers , small and large ones sparkling on every other porches of the neighbourhood . Entrances of homes already getting ready for the Halloween celebration....such a difference the month of October brings ...a complete magical fun !!
Keeping along with the mood, which for us will soon lead into another celebration of light...our very own Diwali...I carved my little Mr.Pumpkin for my home fall decor..

                                                            All set to be carved...

                                                                          spooky !!

This is my fall table this year.
I am all inspired and excited along with my daughter to carve a bigger pumpkin now :)

Check my fall table from last year here 

And a beautiful addition to my home is Rachana's lovely painting gift...:)
I am all set for the festivities ahead , begining with some pumpkin spiced cakes and pies
And of course a pumpkin spiced candle to bring on the mood :)
see around friends:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

living room makeover..

Fall is officially in , the weather is slowly drifting toward that long awaited slight chill in the morning air....the waft of pines and cinnamon candles filling every store and home ....I love fall as much as I await spring :)
In the home front , I have done a complete makeover and as we call it these days 'Face lift' of my living room..
The colors of fall have found a way into my living space...a bit of sunny green and whole lot of purple and fuschia bundled with orange and electric blue...yep I have not left any of those colors take a backseat..they are all here...
I share with you a part of the space...just the wall behind the sofa today and promise to be back with rest of the room in the next post.

Those are Ikea mirrors ...two of them decoupaged with hand made wrapping papers and the rest two painted Purple and stenciled with gold pattern and the ends being color co ordinated with the printed mirrors for that added oompf !!

With the new hot pink lamp shade , the evening looks exciting :)
The bare white wall aren't as empty now...they too have decked up for the upcoming festivities..
 purple, orange , pink and gold... all rich colors of our Indian festivals fast approaching around the corner...
hope you had as much good time visiting me today as much as I had a great time putting up this wall.
Stay tuned for the rest of the room :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another wall story from my home..

Hi all :)
This is what I did on an empty wall of my home.Bare walls always attracts me to drape it with something .
So here is what I did to one of the wall by the patio door...

Painted the tomato cans and made it into a planter.

So do you like it :)...I would love to add some more planters on this wall....a way to bring the outdoor inside.Somehow plants cheer me up a lot ...
Take care and hope to see you visiting me more ....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From my home....a few more 'made with love' too opened the doors and windows of my blog  today after two whole long months with  cobwebs and dusts all over my paintings , the plants not watered , the pillows undusted  friends and followers slowly trickling down .They come and see a big lock and go away :(
But  hey everyone...I am back from my slumber ...the blog house is all clean , spruced up ,plant watered, some yummy cake baking in the oven ...its aroma wafting through ....inviting the soul to add some color to the blank white walls , to finish some DIY , to add some much needed sparkle I was craving.
So here I go.... doing what I like the best...sharing with you all my friends a few things that I finished around the house .Will tell you the stories as I go along  :)

 Look at my Buddha{Patty's send with Love for me :)}looking happy by my new adventure, bottle lamp !!

                                                     .....lights diffuse  a subtle glow

 Painted a Soda bottle with a flower vase theme and inserted string lights and voila I have an accent light for almost zero cost....this is the best way to utilize all the Christmas string lights lying around the house!!

...and finally I have been able to put all the tile paintings together.Though could not go along the original plan to frame them all together , but this too ain't looking that bad...what do you say ?

 This is a great way to add some colors and reflections to the otherwise bare walls ...while all the way each                        piece of little art on the tile can be a small piece of conversation :)

                                                                      A close up ....

                                                                   An over view...

                          orange and yellow and pink and sprinkle of green....the colors of love for me

               Looks and feels good ...right :) I feel so happy to be back again  into my little
                                            ETHNICALLY CHIC, GHARONDA :))

*More interesting stuffs around the house stay tuned :)*

Joining Patricia's August 'Made with love ' party. Hop in there to see me and many more awesome entries .
                                              See you soon .Stay creative :)