Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Framing them up...a budget friendly do ...!!

On my trip to Jaipur this year , I got myself a couple of beautiful hand painted Jaipuri paintings on silk...but the framing was undone and forgotten ...as we were getting ready to come to US!!
The other day while flipping  through an old magazine , I found the paintings again !!Yep ..that's how I transported them from India so that the silk leaves of the painting would not curl up and spoil...
Anywho...I found a project for the afternoon ..!!

Off to Michael's arts and craft store....While browsing through some photo frames , I came across these very inesxpensive frames for 49 cents each and four colored papers for $1 !!

 Resizing the papers and putting them all together was all that I did...Though the photo shots here are not doing justice to the colored paper..but they have a beautiful texture with a sheen on them.I chose peachish orange, lavender, gold and forest green for the layering.They turned out just gorgeous against the paintings....especially with a bit of sun shining on them :) 
All decked and framed for less than $3,but definitely looking no where close to that thrifty!!

A closer view at the texture of this one..
Will update with some better photo shots soon..
Till then please keep visiting as I have some more Glam DIY up my sleeves :)
Take care


Rachana Saurabh said...

Awesome S, Pictures are looking more gorgeous now. Love all colors. :)

Disha said...

Superb Sarmistha!! Nice work. Love those paintings and they are looking even more b'ful after framing.

Sayantani said...

awesome idea and thats a gorgeous wall you have created for yourself. love this and gonna incorporate in my own home...but things are not that cheap in here.

Nayana said...

these looks super fab..love it. great job...