Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chalkboard paint+empty bottle=endless fun !!

Seriously ..this is one awesome addiction !!
 I don't mean finishing bottles of wine to get an empty one to use for smearing it with chalkboard paint and then endless scribling .....but I guess some empty can or a neglected wall space for that matter would suffice to apply chalkboard paint and let loose your imagination...Though I must say  finishing a bottle of your favourite wine and then using it for this particular craft work is much much more fun !

This is what my empty wine bottle looks like.....!! pun intended :)

I very honestly mean addiction of chalkboard paint and its numerous fun application....

I bought folkart chalkborad paint from Michaels, but seems to me the quality is not that good.I might try Martha stewart next time...but they do look gorgeous sitting on my kitchen counter :)
Go ahead try one today , but do have patience to let them have enough drying time....and don't forget to share your pics with me :)


Sayantani said...

wow chalkboard paint. thats really interesting. where did you get that in India?

rama said...

Nice work!