Wednesday, March 7, 2012

At home !!

Well not exactly at home right now ! but a home away from home.On a hopefully short visit to the US , I have set up a temporary home for the three of us . Having brought a few of my favourite stuffs along with me from India so that my home here donot feel awfully bare (Ya !! that is how I always end up paying excess bagage money). But terribly missing Delhi ..
Life in Delhi in the past few months were filled with both ups and downs.The down part mainly being trying to find my way around INDEPENDENTLY !! and the initial dillema of setting a new home after being away from India for almost 12 yrs!But all these were passe and we were comfortably settled .I for once in the past month or two did not miss my life or things I was so used to in the US.I had discovered stores which offered alternative items ..The fun part was me and Mr.S had a lot of adventure touring different parts of India.With a week or two of rest and we would again hop on a train and see India ..felt like a kaliedoscope of adventure at times :)
Sitting here we have started discussing which place to visit as  soon as we land back in India !!The only deterrent factor might be Mr.Summer! you see the best part of the stay in India was, we were in the better season .
Anyways , it is always best according to my philosophy to make use of the time we spent together in whichever part of the universe we are in and wherever we set up for a short while or for a little longer..
Come let me show you few images of my home today ...just a couple of tranquil spaces I clicked for y'll with the things I carried along with me (I often feel like a wanderlust !!) .

Patty , I carried Him all the way.Can't afford to keep Him alone in India :)
(This beautiful golden Buddha was Paticia's gift for me..sweet!!*Smiles*)
The Terracotta knick knacks made the transit safely in a single piece...kuddos to my Packaging skill:)

Picked up this cushion cover from Jaipur

Can you spot that yellow tin can...yes I have started my DIY as soon as I reached here.
Trust me the one most important thing  I seriously missed was Michael's Arts and Crafts Store :)
I have some wine bottle to do list would be chalk board painting...have heard so much about it!

Hope you stay tuned !!
Have a great great week ahead :)


Sayantani said...

good to see you back girl!

Sudha said...

lovely :)..moves every two years happen with us and i know what u mean by not leaving things behind :(

kala said...

Wowww buddha was really awesome :)

rama said...

How long do you plan to stay here?
It is true Delhi and many parts of India would be hot, and it is already hot in Bangalore.

Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story said...

Gorgeous Buddha! Are you guys still in MD? Started blogging over the new yr an realized that you were in MD. We are in Nothern VA. So I was so thrilled that some one with similar interese was close by. That's when I realized u guys had moved to India. :)That is a whole lot of moving. Glad you are making yourself at home again. Can't live without Michaels and Home Goods.