Friday, October 28, 2011

Terracotta splendor ...

The perks of being in India around this time of the year are many. Apart from the hulla gulla of all the festivals and fun , there is another  reward ...the surprises that lay in abundance along the side walks and streets of India .One such find especially during Diwali are the Terracotta or baked earth goodies !!
I am very much fascinated by terracotta and the orange earthy color it instantly transfers any  spot in our home into a visually attractive place.The earthy color mixed with  few greens can bring the nature inside into our living space .
Sharing with you all today are few of those goodies that I picked while on an evening drive in Delhi :-)

These can be hung on the patio or the entrace.I chose to put the at the entrance..

Looks gorgeous at night with all the other usual lights turned off.a candle or as I have done ..I've put a string light.

Added some more colors on them myself :)

What do you say ?:-) Don't they all look cute.There were so many more , But I restricted myself from any more purchase ...I often end up acting like a kid on a candy shop :))
Thankyou all for the warm Diwali wishes .
More hugs coming through :)


hvp said...

They are all very cute! They brighten a corner instantly! Love the Ganesha!

Nayana said...

I love your terracotta chimes...I too am like kid in a candy store when goes to any home decor store..

rama said...

Yes they all look really very cute.

SV said...

All are wonderful.

Poonam said...

Wonderful collection Sarmistha!Especially the Ganesha! Also loved the way you hv colored the Wind chimes bells...Just perfect!! Also lusting over the terracotta color paint of the walls!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my post as well..Sarees make a great table runner! *(also gives you reason to buy more sarees!);)

viji said...

I too like terracotta items.
I am also having the same hanging. But love to see your photo.
I like the Ganesha too.

Sudha said...

beautiful terracota collection and love ur do a post where all of them are showcased together...:)

Sarmistha said...

thanks sudha.will do a post soon like u said :)