Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Harvest !!

 My dear friends how was your Monday ?:)
The month of October holds so many religious and semi religious festivities in India...especially this year's october month has accumulated all the fun and festivals.... a month full of enjoyment and events the world over !!Starting with Durga utsav , Diwali and ending with Halloween on 31 st Oct. All our homes will be filled with laughter and light in both the Hemispheres :)
Diwali  being just around the corner , many Indian homes are gearing up for the day.It is almost like  spring cleaning for many here.On the final day (26th oct) our home will spring into life with colors and lights !!....a beautiful sight to  behold. All homes will have lights and Rangoli  , candles and flowers , sweets and good wishes ..the air will be filled with Prayers.
Keeping the October theme of festivities alive , I wanted to share with you today a few Halloween table decor pictures.

These vegetables were not grown in my garden but were bought from a very special  place...from a short trip very close to the Himalayas.Grown in abundance , extremelt delicious and pure(I say pure 'coz of them being organic!!) and beautiful.
I hope and pray that you all have a very joyful  and happy october :)
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Poonam said...

I want the Pumpkin-shaped ceramic jar. :D i want !i want! i want!! :D
Lovely placement of the pumkins. :) and a gorgeous table runner.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! I wish I found one of those. Bidding adieu to a very happy Durgatsav, I'm all set for a Halloween and ofcourse, some Christmas stuff. I know, its too early but cant help :)

notyet100 said...

Table runner is so cute :)

Patricia Torres said...

Hello there.. Sarmistha… How have you been?? Long time no see you around!! *smiles*… Hope you are well.. and all settled in your new home..

So true.. about October.. a month full of planning, preparations and decorations.. YAY!! Actually in my household.. the festive season starts end of Sept… with my moms birthdday.. and continues with loads of birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali, Christmas, New Year.. and ends in Feb.. with my brothers birthday.. Isn’t that nice..

I know.. I know.. I find it totally impressive.. how on the festive day.. the house suddenly lights up with so much of aura around it.. that it always looks soooo stunning!!

Hope you have a lovely week ahead… Take care!

Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com said...

How absolutely creative! Love the color melange!

Nayana said...

beautiful Sarmistha, I Like how you have included our indian bottle guard:)

rama said...

The whole table setting is beautiful. I love your pumpkins,your fresh organic vegetables too. Do you know Dudhi is good for the eyes and is excellent for weight loss, but only if you can have it raw.
Happy holidays!!!

Jay said...

wow..wat a gorgeous pics...just love them all..;)
you are welcome in my space too..
Tasty Appetite

Nisha said...

wow i love the table runner and the pics are awesome...

SV said...

I wish to have that pumkin ceramic jar.You have been selected for an award,please check out at http://myworldofeuphoria.blogspot.com/2011/10/back-to-blogging-with-surprise.html

Sarmistha said...

Ok fine ....you all can share my pumpkin jar in turns:))one fall it can stay with poonam , next rukmini and then sv you can have it for falling fall and then back to !!:))
Sv , super thank you for the award...loving this moment:)
And big hug and lots of love to all you my friends who have been my fuel to blog ...I look forward every morning for a note from someone or the other...THANKYOU:)