Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer afternoon+Green mango=complete bliss

While yellow sweet mango symbolises a glass full of cold mango lassi ,the raw green mango tantalises our tongue to a different level of adventure!! Come summer green mangoes from tiny to large explodes into every Indian kitchen.Me , being a bengali , I enjoy the subtle taste of green mangoes in different form in different dishes.
With summer our everyday dal turns into 'TOK DAL'(sour dal).This simple dal cooked with raw mango slices is an absolute delight with thinly sliced french fries(jhuri bhaja !!) or 'Alu Posto'(potato with poppy seed paste)
                                              Another popular item is 'Green mango chutney'

Almost no meal seems complete in this hot summer without a taste of this chutney at the end .
We Bengali lovingly call it 'AAMER TOK' !!:)
{Just heat oil ,add whole dried red chillie and mustard seeds.Let it splutter then add cubed mango pcs +salt+turmeric powder+Sugar(1/2 cup).Simmer till mangoes are soft..keep it on a thin  and watery consistency..Enjoy :) }
Forget all things.....Chutney, Daal, , aachar , pickle, and what not !!!

Life is simply divine eating them as they are with a sprinkle of salt and chilli flakes/powder in  any summer afternoon maybe with a good read , a favorite T.V show or maybe with a bowl in hand sitting by the window watching the world go by :)
PS: people who have a monster called 'office ' to attend can still enjoy this rendezvous  on a sunday afternoon :)
OK! with all that said and done allow me to go and enjoy my bowl of mango.
Till then ,see you all lovlies, soon again.

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awesome blog...

Patricia Torres said...

Oh lovely!! I totally love that mango daal.. yuummm!!

Sayantani said...

lovely lovely post sarmistha, bowl gulo asadharon.

Sayantani said...

and I cant agree more with the heading...its real bliss indeed.