Tuesday, June 7, 2011

heart and soul...meet Jancy shathish { an Artist }

I have been waiting to introduce this friend of mine for so long. An uber talented and versatile self taught artist.She is Jancy Shathish.She lives in Baltimore ,Maryland with her husband and son in a beautiful home all adorned by her own art works.When I first met and visited her home , I was awestruck at the sight of canvases and art works framing her wall and home.
I am always fascinated by people's talent.It is like an opportunity to peek into the soul of the person behind these beautiful paintings.

My writing is not enough to do justice to her crativity.So, I leave it upon you to see her beautiful art....

Jancy dabbles in oil,acrylic and mixed media pencil/pen art.
                                                     Oil on canvas
Isn't it amazing:)
It has been a truly great few months for me.I came across two beautiful and talented artists.Both self taught.Ofcourse our own Rachana and then Jancy..I have encouraged Jancy to create her own blog.She will be more than happy to discover many admirers from all around the world :)

Thankyou for visiting and please do leave me a note so that I can pass it on to her :)
Also watch  this space for more of Jancy's work as I would take you all along with me to a visit to her beautiful home.


Sarmistha said...

Thankyou Jancy for sharing your work:)

Rachana Saurabh said...

Its beautiful.. loved all then ink work.. specially Maa Durga..

Thanks for sharing Sarmistha..
-Rachana Saurabh