Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From my home....a few more 'made with love'

Yes...me too opened the doors and windows of my blog  today after two whole long months with  cobwebs and dusts all over my paintings , the plants not watered , the pillows undusted  friends and followers slowly trickling down .They come and see a big lock and go away :(
But  hey everyone...I am back from my slumber ...the blog house is all clean , spruced up ,plant watered, some yummy cake baking in the oven ...its aroma wafting through ....inviting the soul to add some color to the blank white walls , to finish some DIY , to add some much needed sparkle I was craving.
So here I go.... doing what I like the best...sharing with you all my friends a few things that I finished around the house .Will tell you the stories as I go along  :)

 Look at my Buddha{Patty's send with Love for me :)}looking happy by my new adventure, bottle lamp !!

                                                     .....lights diffuse  a subtle glow

 Painted a Soda bottle with a flower vase theme and inserted string lights and voila I have an accent light for almost zero cost....this is the best way to utilize all the Christmas string lights lying around the house!!

...and finally I have been able to put all the tile paintings together.Though could not go along the original plan to frame them all together , but this too ain't looking that bad...what do you say ?

 This is a great way to add some colors and reflections to the otherwise bare walls ...while all the way each                        piece of little art on the tile can be a small piece of conversation :)

                                                                      A close up ....

                                                                   An over view...

                          orange and yellow and pink and sprinkle of green....the colors of love for me

               Looks and feels good ...right :) I feel so happy to be back again  into my little
                                            ETHNICALLY CHIC, GHARONDA :))

*More interesting stuffs around the house ...so stay tuned :)*

Joining Patricia's August 'Made with love ' party. Hop in there to see me and many more awesome entries .
                                              See you soon .Stay creative :)


Sayantani said...

your posts always brings a smile and the feeling ohh why dint I think of it earlier. such clever use of string lights. love it.

Disha said...

Sarmistha you are back with a bang. Beautiful bottle lamp and just amazing tile paintings. You arranged them so well just love splash of color in your living room. Well Done gal.

Vandana said...

Your bottle-lamp looks good!A must try.......

Sarmistha said...

Thank you so much..Disha ,Sayantani and Vandana :)Glad to have you here.

Aparna said...

lovely bottle lamp...ur post are always inspiring :)..u have a bright, colorful house :) lovely

Preeti said...

Beautiful Art work on the bottle. Love all your set up:)You are such a talented lady!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just came across this beautiful artwork! One question though...how did you hang those tiles onto the wall?


Muktangan said...

You have got a beautiful blog here :)

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